Pinup in a Pack Grab Bag!

Pinup in a Pack Grab Bag!

Meet our Pinup in Pack Grab Bag!  A black satin mystery bag stuffed full of an amazing assortment of surprise goodies at a steal!  These items are pieces that were either overstocked or never before seen styles that never made it to the Shop...basically a bag of total surprises!  But what's in them?  Well, each bag is unique, filled with items ranging from sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, hair flowers, rings, earrings, name it, you might get it!  While some bags come curated others may be mix and matched.  A totally fun surprise ready to enhance your pinup accessorizing!   But act fast, since this bag is made up of existing inventory this bag is a "while supplies last" but may be restocked from time to time!


Product Details:

- 5 Mystery Items Per Bag

- Each Bag is Different

- While Supplies Last

- Shipping Not Included

- No Returns